Wendy Burke: School Principal    Wendy Burke

My Training.

 My mother took me to ballet classes at the age of 3. Little did she know that I would still be dancing 40 years later! Having passed all R.A.D. Ballet exams up to and including Elementary (executant) I was advised of a teaching opportunity which, at the age of 23, I decided to try my hand at. I found that I enjoyed teaching children the art of dance, so I registered with the teaching programme of the Royal Academy of Dancing. I passed the Teaching Certificate examination with a Merit (just 2 points short of distinction!). I decided at the age of 21 to try Tap Dancing.
    Although I was a mature student I still liked the challenge of taking exams and have again passed exams up to and including Elementary. During the process of taking these exams I started teaching Tap to adults and children. I only started Modern/Jazz Dance at the age of 25 but found that it was very much my thing and quickly worked to acquire all the Major examinations up to and including Advanced.
     I continue learning as a teacher and attend courses on a regular basis to keep up to date with all the changes that take place.


    My mother was 44 years old when she gave birth to me in Changi Hospital, Singapore in 1967. Being born into an R.A.F. family meant we moved around a lot. Always having to make new friends, fit into new schools and dancing classes was part of the life. I have two sisters and a brother who are all older than myself. I have always been referred to as 'the baby of the family'.
   I was very fortunate at the age of 11 to spend two months with friends in Texas USA. (Leaving my parents in England!)This was the start of independence. My father retired and we were settled in St. Ives, Cambridgeshire. I finally went to one school and one ballet teacher to whom I owe a lot.
    I became involved with lots of amateur dramatic societies and was invited to be an extra with the London City Ballet when they performed in Cambridge. I worked in London for many years taking short term dancing parts.
    I met my husband at a young age and married in 1985. We had our first child Jessica, in 1990, just as I started teaching. Life was changing a lot! We had our second child, Joshua, in 1996.
   We bought a cottage in the South of France in 2004 and have gradually renovated it over the past 13 years. I always had it in mind to also take dance classes in the Charente region of France and the August of 2009 saw my first venture into teaching abroad. It is my hope that students from England may travel to classes in France for a weeks 'Holiday'. All in all, things have been rather good and the future is looking solid. I am lucky enough to have some outstanding students and some fantastic parents, of which i am fortunate enough to call friends.